J.R. Kohler Site Opens

It all started with a simple guitar project…to build a Telecaster®.

During the building process came an idea.  The idea grew into a prototype. People who saw the prototypes raved about what an amazing upgrade this simple product delivered. Everybody that heard the difference asked me where could they get these new Telecaster® compensated saddles.

On June 22, 2012 the US Patent office received my patent application.  What a journey it has been. This is the birth of the J.R. Kohler Precision Saddle System.

These improved, compensated saddles only fit Fender Telecaster® style guitars.  They really do make any Tele sound quite a bit better.

It has taken over one year to bring the product to market.  The new web site is officially open at www.jrkohler.com. Check it out for full details.

Stay tuned for lots of news.  The new J.R. Kohler Precision Saddles are Telecaster compensated saddles that will really upgrade your Telecaster to a new level. Sets are starting to travel worldwide and soon will be in the hands of many top players. I’ll tell you who in future posts.

J.R. Kohler Company

Welcome to the J.R. Kohler Company blog.

This site and the product line that will soon be released has been under construction for a long time.  The hard work is finally complete.

The site will launch in the very near future at www.jrkohler.com. Stay tuned for some very creative solutions to upgrade your Telecasters.